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Alistair Forbes

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Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Trainer

Alistair has an enormous amount of experience both as a therapist as well as a director of a kinesiology school, where he trained hundreds of therapists in Scotland.

He is focused on effectiveness of treatments within the least possible time span. Alistair was retired but is now semi retired as he decided to join us because of his strong belief in our model of pain management and social investment.

Anna Potter

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Anna Potter gained an Honours Degree in Osteopathic Medicine at the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy. She then went on to study courses in Cranial Osteopathy and has had additional experience working, as a cranial osteopath, at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in Central London, working alongside some of the UK’s most renowned cranial osteopaths.  

She also worked, as part of a team, with Dyslexic children and adults at the Dyslexia Treatment Centre in Glasgow. Anna also teaches Pilates.

Brian Rothbart, Prof/Dr

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Known as the Father of Chronic Pain Elimination, Professor Rothbart uses his 40 years experience as a physician and researcher, his passion for medicine, his forward-thinking and commitment to explore new approaches to help people suffering from chronic musculoskeletal pain to get their life back.  Because of his perseverance, he has developed new therapies that are much more effective that what previously existed.

Professor Rothbart has advanced the understanding of how the foot structure is linked to the development of chronic musculoskeletal pain.  On five continents he introduced the use of Proprioceptive Therapy to eliminate chronic muscle and joint pain problems.  Due to the global demand for his therapy, he later invented tests and analyses to treat patients long distance.

Erica Young

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Graduated from Sheffield University with a Masters degree in Human Nutrition in 2006. I made the difficult transition from law to nutrition due to a long-standing belief in the fundamental importance of nutrition in all aspects of physical and mental health.

During her Masters degree Erica worked with breast cancer survivors, providing one to one dietary advice and tailored eating plans. Erica went on to become a nutritionist working in the nutritional supplement industry. As a trainer, she compiled a home correspondence course designed to provide beginners level training in nutrition to health food retail staff, and gave presentations to the general public at large industry trade shows on weight management.

Erica has also worked with individuals, helping patients to manage a variety of health problems including clinical depression and fibromyalgia.

Whilst working as head nutritionist at supplement specialist Quest, Erica developed a very successful nutritional supplement product specifically for pain management, designed to work with the body's own pain management system and to be suitable for long term frequent use.

Gill Jacobs

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Gill Jacobs set up the company after discovering the power of pulsing light when searching for help for her mother's symptoms from MS. Frustrated at the response of others in need when she attempted to share this technology, she decided to tackle the problem head on by setting up a company committed to changing attitudes to light, and the potential for health when using it.

Gill is also a pioneering health writer on medical conditions which were initially misunderstood and ignored by mainstream medicine (Candidiasis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), she is motivated by the challenge of changing entrenched attitudes towards energy medicine and healing.

Gordon Kerr

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Prior to 1974, I had been interested in Body-Mind interests, with Yoga, meditation and martial arts over a number of years, and have studied with Tibetan lamas and Soto Zen Masters, recognising the role that mindfulness and perception can play in moderating and mediating pain. This has now come to the fore once again, and is being used in clinics throughout the world for the treatment of such conditions such as chronic depression and pain management. Biofeedback was of course born from a similar philosophical perspective and scientific psychology, has been of interest to me for at least two decades since then, and incorporate aspects of it into my newer therapist role.

Since qualifying as an Enrolled Nurse in 1975, I have often been engaged in empirical clinical research of one variety or another, whether as a member of the public, nurse, union organiser, and educator, health and safety rep, or, more latterly, as a therapist.

Julia Quadros

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Julia has qualifications in Therapeutic Massage, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Stress Care. During the 23 years she has been in practice, she has also studied Homoeopathy, Shiatsu, Ki-Taiso, Zen meditation, Transpersonal Psychology, Ortho-bionomy, Reike and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  

Julia is also a therapist at Lifelink Adult since 1995 - a voluntary organisation operating a holistic therapy centre service within the community of Royston - being part of the team responsible for assessing the clients' needs and working out a treatment plan through an initial consultation, then carrying out or overseeing the plan, reviewing the clients' progress. She has helped to set-up and worked in, some of the pilot projects managed by Royston Stress Centre. She shares her experience by running massage-supervision groups and has run workshops for colleagues on how to tailor treatments so that the client may more easily reach his/her goal as specified in their treatment plan.  

Julia is also the developer of Spirit Lifter range of aromatherapy products which include additive-free body scrubs, bath salts and room sprays.

Kathleen Morison

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Kathleen uses meridian tapping techniques (EFT), energy techniques and craniosacral therapy, blended with Alexander Technique. She works on the principle that all physical problems have an emotional component and when that emotional base is embraced, healing is faster.

As with many other therapists, the motivation to change the direction of her life came as a result of physical pain,  causing her to leave the Police Service seventeen years ago with chronic back problems.  Her journey led her to understand and experience undeniable proof of the Mind/Body connection.

Therapies used: Zpoint, TAT, Mace Energy Method, Chi Gong & Tai Chi, Craniosacral Therapy, Alexander Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  She teaches EFT (AAMET Approved Levels 1 and 2), Chi Gong, Daoyin Bao Jian Gong amongst other courses.

Stewart J. Wright

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Holistic Dental Surgeon.

Stewart first became interested in an alternative approach to dentistry after attending a lecture by Harold Gelb (one of the founding fathers of TMJ treatment) and this led to a journey of discovery that has allowed him to meet the world's foremost practitioners and clinicians in disciplines such as TMJ treatment, orthodontics, orthopaedics, applied kinesiology, homeopathy, CranioSacral therapy and visceral manipulation.

In addition to using the techniques used by conventional dentists to assess and treat patients, Stewart may use a number of additional techniques to aid diagnosis and treatment (for example, kinesiology and homeopathy). He is also careful not to use any dental materials which could have toxic side effects, such as mercury based amalgam (silver) fillings


The social worker at my local health clinic advised me to go and see Paulo and that was the event that you could say changed  my  life
Mary Keenan
Therapists and other health professionals are not the same even if they have had the same training.  Effectiveness of treatment relies on how therapists use their therapies (their tools).
All the health professionals below work in a drug-free integrative holistic way and are my sources of referrals.