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Experience the effectiveness and the lightness of Dynamic Release ™ for relaxation, pain management and general wellbeing.

Dynamic Release ™ is a form of extremely non-invasive physical intervention (brief bodywork or bodypsychotherapy) integrating elements of the most effective therapies used in pain management, stress management, mental health support and general wellbeing.

It incorporates elements of CBT, deep relaxation, NLP, visualization, proprioceptive training, massage amongst other therapies. This integrated approach to pain, education and how it is delivered is what makes Dynamic Release ™ so effective.

Dynamic Release ™ can be used in conjunction with other treatments or as a stand-alone therapy.

"After just one session I felt so much better. It took only four sessions in total to get rid of the pain. It’s like I’ve got a new arm now and believe it or not I haven’t been to a doctor since.”  
Thomas Tedford
I suffered extensively for many years with pain in my back and shoulder. I had received various therapies over the years including physiotherapy but,  after just a few sessions of Paulo Quadros' treatment, my suffering has been all but eliminated.
Dr Banerjee (GP)

The results I have witnessed have been nothing short of phenomenal
Rona Agnew (nurse)
It is a very good way of releasing tension out of muscles. ... Dynamic Release is about thinking a lot more about the relationship of symptoms and their causes.
Dr Peter Davis (GP)
The Scotsman
Physically, Dynamic Release ™ affects the mechanisms that regulate muscle tone and unconscious tension within the brain and the muscles.

Physiologically, Dynamic Release ™ affects the release of internal chemicals that control how we feel and how we respond to those feelings.

Dynamic Release ™ (DR) affects physical and emotional tensions in the same way.

How does Dynamic Release work?

Repetition leads to a lack of awareness. Every time we feel a sensation or emotion, our bodies respond to them with either a change in our muscles and/or in our internal chemistry.

When we continuously carry those sensations, emotions and muscle tensions, we quickly become unaware of them.  Despite the complexity of what happens in your brain and the rest of your body, put it simply, Dynamic Release ™ enables you to become aware of what you are doing that causes your discomfort and teaches you how to stop doing it.
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 What the press says:
Frequent reevaluation and modifications to the treatment plan are essential. Assessment and Management of Pain in Older Adults
“Before Intlife I couldn’t play with my daughter or work in the job I loved because of my shoulder pain. But after only a few sessions I felt much better. I would thoroughly recommend Paulo to anyone.”  
Stephen Quigley
Back pain accounts for 40% of absenteeism in Scotland, making it a huge problem for working people. People sitting behind a desk for the majority of the day, and tradesmen  are the most susceptible to back problems.
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends that people with lower back pain should be prescribed a course of acupuncture, exercise classes or some form of manual therapy or massage if their symptoms persist for six weeks or more. The Times

Proprioceptive biofeedback - Brief Body Therapy