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Biology of Perception by Dr Bruce Lipton

Dr Lipton shows the science behind the fact that our thoughts, our environment, nutrition and so on dictate how  healthy we are and how genes do not control anything. (7 videos)

If you are interested, you will find more videos by Dr Lipton on YouTube. Where ‘Mind and Matter Meet’ is a series of 17 videos. The first video is HERE

Find more about Dr Lipton HERE

“The conscious mind can rewrite any of the subconscious programs you acquired and you can even go back and change the genetic activity. The conscious mind is unique because it can change an entire history of perceptions in order to engage in different behaviours and life styles.”
Dr. Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist, author and lecturer, formerly served as an Associate Professor of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin's School of Medicine, where he participated in the medical curriculum as a lecturer on Cell Biology and Histology. More recently, as a Pathology Fellow at Stanford University's School of Medicine, his research on the human immune system yielded information on the molecular nature of consciousness and the future of human evolution.
“Reality is an opinion shaped by perception.”
Robert M. Williams, M.A. Originator of PSYCH-K
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