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National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)

Therapies and other interventions

Pain Research

“If alternative pain management services are not provided by the NHS, the demand will need to be fulfilled  elsewhere”.  

(Rao et al 1999, Haetzmann et al 2003) and (NHS Practice Improvement Scotland, The Management of Chronic Pain in Adults, Best Practice Statement Feb 2006)
CHRONIC PAIN. Drug-free evidence.
The evidence for the effectiveness of the various pain management interventions below are based on ‘gold standard’ research as well as other forms of evidence gathering.
Research-based evidence is only part of of the evaluation process and is not suitable for many types of interventions where variables and mechanisms of actions fall outside the scope of mainstream research.

This argument for a wider range of evidence-gathering mechanisms is echoed by a variety of organisations, publications and individuals. Click here to read what some of them say.